Chinese Calligraphy Course for Improved Beginners Sat 25 March 2017

2017-03-20 14:34:44


Sat 25 March 2017

11:30 – 13:00 GMT


In response to popular demand, Guanghwa is launching a new Chinese calligraphy class for improved beginners.

The course will run onevery Saturday, starting from 11/03/2017(11/03, 18/03, 25/03, 01/04, 08/04 and 15/04).We will provide teaching and writing materials for free.

What you will learn:

•Following “Thousand Character Classic (千字文)”, a traditional textbook used to teach the Chinese characters, the students will practice skills of writing both the Regular Script and Semi-cursive Script.

•The students will also learn the basics of Chinese characters as well as the relationship between Chinese calligraphy and painting.


•£15.00 per lesson

About the teacher:

Our award-winning calligraphy teacher Mr. Jianchu Xu is the chairman of the Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Society in the UK. He has won the Award of Excellence at the 2011 Chinese Calligraphy Competition held in the UK and the Special Award at the 2014 International Chinese Calligraphy Competition.

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