Animal-rights activists lash out online in China

2017-02-15 09:27:51

Sina Weibo users are calling for an end to animal shows, particularly those involving killer whales held in captivity, China Youth Daily reports.

The social media organization "Saving Animal Shows" initiated the call on February 13, after Chinese aquariums were repeatedly caught using using killer whales for performances.

Animal shows, such as tigers jumping through fire circles and bears riding bikes, all violate the natural instincts of animals and should be abolished, said the paper.

It is hoped that as World Wildlife Day approaches on March 3, the proposal will not only arouse the public's interest in caring for animals, but also promote animal protection.

Since 1961, approximately 145 killer whales have been rounded up and placed in aquariums, where they have been forced to perform. The death rate of captured killer whales is 2.5 times that of those in the wild. There have also been cases of whales in captivity killing their breeders.

Globally, many aquariums have abolished the practice of killer whale shows. By 2016, only 56 killer whales were still held in aquariums. However, some domestic aquariums have new plans to introduce shows by killer whales.



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