Anti-poverty story of quadruplets family in Jiangxi

2017-09-13 08:23:38 Xinhua

Wu Nianyou, Deng Dinglan and their quadruplets are seen in front of the under-construction three-story house in Shangbao Village of Chongyi County in Ganzhou City, east China's Jiangxi Province.

Father Wu Nianyou and mother Deng Dinglan had the lovely quadruplets in September of 2010. From then on, they have never stopped fighting against the poverty and a fundamental change has occurred in the past seven years. The husband has been engaged in a business to raise bamboo rats and his business is enlarged this year with the rat number rising from last year's 18 to 120 by far.

The local government also lent a hand to the impoverished family by arranging the mother to work at a newly-built kindergarten. This year, the government offered a subsidy of 20,000 yuan to rebuild their dilapidated house to the family.

Wu Nianyou, a former mason, decided to take the chance to improve residential condition via an extra subsidized loans of 80,000 yuan. He dismantled adobe houses and started to build a three-story house in his yard. The father hopes to complete his house as soon as possible and bring up children well.

Wu Nianyou examines growth of bamboo rats in Shangbao Village.

Wife Deng Dinglan works at a newly-built kindergarten in Shangbao Township.

Quadruplet sisters read a book.

Mother Deng Dinglan adds a dish for quadruplet sisters.



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