China gives update on rabies vaccine scandal investigation

2018-08-08 08:53:55 CGTN

An investigation team from the State Council on Tuesday provided an update on the rabies vaccine case of Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences, saying that recall work is underway.

The probe was set up after the company was accused of counterfeiting production data and changing the parameters for the equipment processing the vaccine in violation of good pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.

According to the investigation, the company has illegally produced rabies vaccines since April 2014.

They were found to have mixed some batches with expired solutions and did not correctly record dates or batch numbers.

The work on recalling defective rabies vaccines produced by the company in both domestic and overseas markets is ongoing and an investigation into this case is still underway, said the team.

The team has also pledged severe consequences for those convicted of criminal offenses and neglecting regulatory responsibilities.



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