Hong Kong teams visited the Pearl River Delta to promote the exchange and cooperation between Science and Technology in Dawan District

2018-10-11 15:27:38 Ta Kung Pao

30 science and technology teams from Hong Kong having expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, financial technology, Internet of Things, visited the Pearl River Delta, and experienced the open vitality and innovative features of the mainland, and cooperated with local innovation entrepreneurs. It is crucial to conduct exchanges and dialogues to promote exchanges and cooperation between Science and Technology in Dawan District. The heads of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Team have said that the experience of mainland companies in expanding their markets is ‘open-minded’ and hopes to integrate into the development of Dawan District as soon as possible. The leader also said that this visit involves novelty in the field of innovative enterprises. Not only has he met many like-minded entrepreneurs in the Pearl River Delta, but he has also established close ties with enterprises offering great help for Hong Kong youth.

With the acceleration of the national strategy for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, the exchanges and interactions between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have been significantly deepened. In this exchange, 30 Hong Kong science and technology teams visited the famous innovative companies such as Tencent, Today's headlines, Bee Technology, and Soft Technology. They understand the technological innovation, new media, and ultimate space product creation and operation in the Pearl River Delta and the latest developments in industries such as information display technology.

Hope to cooperate with the Pearl River Delta enterprises

“The Hong Kong science and technology team should speed up the 'going out' and integrate into the development of the Dawan District.” One of the leaders of this expedition, Hong Kong Youth Dai Jianjin was deeply impressed by this visit. “For example, the company has a valuation of US$5 billion in just six years of development. The company is leading in technology research and hardware innovation, and can provide experience and reference for Hong Kong Science and Technology team. In the Pearl River Delta region such as Shenzhen, it has advantges of supply chain and logistics. The advantages of talents and industry support can accelerate the innovation and iterative development of Hong Kong Science and Technology products through cooperation."

“In addition, the headquarters who visited the new media today know how to open the product market through social platforms, and also understand the consumption trend of the younger generation. This is a very good experience for the Hong Kong team.” Dai Jianjin also revealed, in this expedition team, the Hong Kong team from the building technology industry is particularly interested in Tencent Micro-Links Platform (Smart Building) and expects both parties to exchange and cooperate in related technologies and R&D.

Liang Zheng, head of the Hong Kong Accelerator LimeHK, said frankly: "This time I went to the Pearl River Delta for deep exchanges and was shocked by the people here and the innovations. I am surprised and happy. 'Hi' is a technological improvement of the mainland science and technology enterprises in the past few years. In the world market, corporate culture is more open-minded, and some are more dominant after the '90s'. 'Shocking' Hong Kong's start-ups need to be self-improving, and they must cooperate with mainland start-ups to help each other in the international market."

Liang Zheng said that he is very interested in blockchain technology, medical technology, precision agriculture and cultural industries. He is looking forward to deep cooperation with the Pearl River Delta enterprises in these fields. "Our team also hopes to contribute to the development of more Hong Kong startups to the north, and to introduce mainland enterprises to Hong Kong to change the ecological frontage of Hong Kong's 'financial industry'. I am looking forward to the next cooperation and achievements."

A higher level of Dawan District's pioneering ecology

Zhuo Hengheng, another coordinator of the botzup consulting company, who led the investigation, said that through visit, it was found that the soil of the innovating science and technology team on the Mainland is very different from Hong Kong. For example, he said that the market's openness to science and technology, innovation in corporate culture, adherence and philosophy of product development, courage to share and fearless failure are all places that Hong Kong startups can learn.

“More and more Hong Kong startups now want to connect with the mainland.” Zhuo Yuanheng said that during the inspection tour, he also had discussions with Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta entrepreneurs, and they also saw their strong interest in Hong Kong Science and Technology. In the future, the two sides will have more diversified exchanges and cooperation activities to push the existing start-up ecosystem in Dawan District to a higher level.



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