Chinese talent show I Am the Actor comes to US, UK, Canada

2018-11-22 04:06:44 Global Times

The popular Chinese reality show I Am the Actor is coming to English-speaking markets as an international version of the hit TV program will be produced by a US company next year.

Zhejiang Television, the Chinese producer and broadcaster of the talent show, signed an agreement with US-based firm Is or Isn't Entertainment (IOI) recently to produce the international version of the hit program.

I Am the Actor is a popular Chinese talent show that gathers both well-known and novice actors to perform a short part of a film or TV series in front of a live audience.

They are ranked by a panel of judges, including Zhang Ziyi, a Chinese actress made famous by the Oscar-awarding winning film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Chen Kaige, a director known for the film, Farewell My Concubine, a film nominated for two Academy Awards in the 1990s.

The program is scheduled to be produced in 2019 and Zhejiang Television will provide Chinese actors and actresses proficient in English.

Under the agreement, IOI and its partner, the US-based firm HMP, will produce the program in English-speaking areas, including the US, the UK and Canada.

The deal marks the first time that a Chinese reality show will be brought to the overseas market.

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