Surveys shines a light on adult study habits

2018-11-23 06:53:41

Shanghai Open University, an institution known for adult education, plus Shanghai Library and some other parties, jointly released a report on online study based on a survey of more than 12,000 online learners in Shanghai.

The survey found that most online learners are aged between 31 and 90, while over 53 percent have bachelor degrees or higher, and more than 59 percent are employed.

About 60 percent of them said they began online learning to learn about new areas, to satisfy their own interests and to gain qualifications.

About half of them prefer computer science, languages, business and finance, business and management and professional certificate tests.

For those above 60 years of age, computer skills and languages were two popular areas they wished to learn as they hadn't learned enough when they were young. They were also eager to study economics, finance, business and management.

People with bachelor degrees or lower turned out to be more interested in natural science, social science, medical science and health, as well as education, while those holding master's or higher degrees prefer economics, finance, business and management, mathematics and statistics.

More than two-thirds spent one to three hours on online study, and one-third spent three to five hours. Most respondents spent five to 20 minutes studying each time.

But it's notable that only 21.9 percent completed their online courses, and nearly 50 percent quit before even getting half way.

Experts said with busy lives employees in Shanghai had to study during work breaks, leading to fragmentation in study.

The researchers hope this report will help life-long education providers to develop more effective education programs for the public to meet the demand for more diversified and individualized education services.



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