Beijing launches new administrative center in expansive suburb

2018-12-04 09:03:06 Global Times

Beijing's subsidiary administrative center in the city's Tongzhou district has been put into formal service as multiple Beijing's municipal government agencies started moving in their entirety into the new area.

The first phase of the office area is complete and agencies are settling in, according to the People's Daily.

Some of the municipal departments have started moving in from the central city, and more will follow.

In the meantime, a movement to improve the living environment in the city center has been carried out. A total of 419 kilometers of overhead electric wires have been relocated underground, and 9,741 new street lamps have been installed since 2017 as a part of the municipal government's efforts to clean the urban space in the city center, according to

The office area in the new administrative center has clean roads and new buildings. An employee with Beijing's general labor union said it takes only a half-hour drive to commute in the morning from his home located along Beijing's East 3rd ring road.

The subsidiary administrative center was proposed in an overall city urban design plan for Beijing from 2016 to 2035. The area will focus on building itself into a demonstration zone of world-class livable space and modern urbanization, as well as a demonstration zone of the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster.

The new administrative subsidiary center for Beijing covers an area of 155 square kilometers. It will boost the development of Tongzhou district and the coordinated development of its three neighboring counties in Hebei Province, North China.



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