Jason Wu tops most handsome list

2019-03-19 08:17:29 Global Times

Chinese actor Jason Wu has been crowned the most handsome man in Asia while Chinese actor Hu Ge, Chinese singer Kris Wu and Jackson Wang ranked in the top ten, according to American film critic TC Candler, sparking wows and a row on social media.

TC Candler, a veteran professional film critic, released his annual lists of the top 100 most handsome and beautiful Asian and Chinese people on Saturday. Jason Wu, who is in his forties, beat out younger Chinese heartthrobs including Lu Han and Kris Wu, and topped both the Asian and Chinese lists. His latest movies include the megahits Wolf Warrior and The Wandering Earth.

While netizens flooded Wu with congratulations, Chinese comedian Shen Teng, who ranked 21st on the Asian list and 10th on the Chinese list, wrote jokingly that he would refuse to accept the honor, unless he had ranked higher. Many of his fans offered support, with comments like "you're no.1 in my heart."

Many fans of popular young stars were upset that their youthful idols didn't make the list.



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