China introduces new measures to help unemployed youth

2019-04-03 11:19:47

Chinese authorities have rolled out a plan to better help those aged 16 to 35 find jobs or start businesses.

The directive issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Central Committee of The Communist Youth League of China specifies five measures to assist young people who are able to work but unemployed for a year.

Authorities will collect detailed information on the unemployed including their family backgrounds, job intentions and skill levels. Various activities organized to help them find jobs include visits to vocational schools or industrial zones.

Training programs will be organized to improve skills in the unemployed, who may also be recommended for study in vocational schools or have internship opportunities.

Support will also be provided to unemployed youth who are willing to be self-employed, offering entrepreneurial assistance such as guaranteed loans, subsidies and other incentives.

Priorities will be given to families that are poverty-stricken, rely on basic living allowances or have disabled youth.



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