Giant Ceramic Horse from Tang Dynasty Found in Europe

2017-10-26 16:20:47 China Minutes

During the London Asian Art Week from 5-8th November 2017, Duton’s UK is going to present Appreciation of China – The Exhibition of Chinese Legacy at the A JW Marriot Hotel. It is the location where the famous Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair was held in 1934, and Duton’s UK say "it is an honour to recreate the glory of the Silk Road and Chinese art in the same place."

Through several months of unremitting effort, the committee has discovered a collection of rare ancient Chinese pottery with the support of several highly distinguished European collectors, all of whom will be present at the upcoming exhibition.

An unusually large pair of painted ceramic horses, dating back to the Tang Dynasty is one of the predominant features of this exhibition, potted with well-articulated lines, strong muscles and refined facial details in perfect condition. One of the horses has a striking height of 90cm, making it a rare piece even alongside museum collections.

Other featured ceramics from the Tang Dynasty include a 92cm high CAMEL WITH MIDDLE EASTERN GROOM AND SERVANT painted pottery, a 71cm high LARGE FIGURE OF A COURT LADY painted ceramic and A PAIR OF AUSPICIOUS BEASTS nearly 80cm in height. All of which were produced during the peak time of pottery production of the Tang Dynasty with sophisticated and well-developed craftsmanship. At the time only nobility and the rich could afford them and were a means to display their power and wealth.

Another significant feature is the number of rare pottery pieces from the prehistoric Neolithic period. A set of red and yellow pottery earthenware from the Qijia Culture, a black ceramic tripod vase from the Xiajiadian Culture, and a painted ‘OX AND CART’ made from ceramic from the Northern Qi Dynasty. All of the ceramics from prehistoric times to the Tang Dynasty exhibited can be provided with Oxford Authentication upon request, certified by the most authoritative organization in antique authenticity testing in the world – the TL Laboratory of Oxford University.

Tang Dynasty Ceramics

Ancient Chinese ceramics were favoured by European collectors during early years and have been roving around Europe for a century. The hardship faced during the collecting process has been rewarded by the achievements made and has received attention from various museums. Will these ceramics return to their homeland or continue wandering around Europe away from home? That remains to be seen.

This exhibition in London will also present a variety of other masterpieces ranging from ceramics, jade, figures, stationary and other accessories.



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