2017 Hua International Short Film Festival

2017-11-07 17:51:25 China Daily

On the 4th November, at an auditorium close to London Bridge the sound of clapping could be heard as film goers attend a somewhat different film screening. The nine short films screened, were created by Chinese directors from around the world and were selected to be shown at the Hua International Short Film Festival. Over 100 film industries and lovers from both China and the UK attended the event. At the end of the screening a number of attendees shared their impressions.

Liang Jing, a famous actor in China has been appointed as the Visual Ambassador for the Hua International Short Film Festival of this era.

The 2017 Hua International Short Film Festival, London organised by the UK Edition of the Nouvelles D’Europe exhibited documentaries spreading Chinese culture as well as cutting edge experimental work from Chinese artists.

The Short Films shown at the event covered five sections: The Golden Age- Narrative Section, The Iron Age- Documentary Section, The Bronze Age- Experimental & Animation Section, The Silver Age- Commercial Creatives Section as well as the Special Screenings Section.

Life As He Likes, a documentary shown at the event tells the story of an eighty-year old man who is something of a misfit in society. The documentary explores his life story through the eyes of his grand-daughter. His unkept appearance and his unruly behaviour is a source of gossip in the village. Yet it turns out in the end the he that has actually found satisfaction in his own living habits and has discovered his own jewel of wisdom.

2017 Hua International Short Film Festival ’s shortlisted films screening in London, held on 4th November.

The Hua International Short Film Festival was initiated by Hua Plus in August 2017, to exhibit and support films from around the world, which have been created with Chinese people as the main focus of the film. Hua Plus covers 1.5 billion users and is the world’s largest video platform for Chinese people. To present Hua Jia has produced over 200 films. On average each film has had over 300,000 views and over 70,000 clicks. At present it is the most influential video platform. The head office of Hua Jia is in New York, America and co-operates with America, France, the UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, in total more than twelve countries and twenty-two capitals.

Some of the audience after the film festival。

The Hua International Short Film Festival had its opening ceremony on 29th October on the Hollywood Walk of Fame’s Chinese Theatre (TCL Chinese 6 Theatres). The host explained that the concept behind this project is to act as a gateway to put creative thinkers behind the camera and record the present, and to return to pure simplicity. The material and spiritual living state of the Chinese from all corners of the world is being portrayed, which focuses on widening the perspectives of the collision and interrelation between different countries, backgrounds and cultures. This enhances the awareness of Chinese people's perspectives, logical thinking and self-expression within this fast and ever-changing society, allowing them to create better future prospects for themselves. Containing and exploring films made by a group of overseas Chinese. Taking film as the juncture and acting as a bridge to connect Chinese from around the world with the rest of the world, to spread Chinese culture around the world.

Around one hundred Chinese and British film industries and enthusiasts attended the film festival, and shared their overall viewing experience.

In addition to the London screening, the Hua International Short Film Festival screening will also be held in New York, Sydney and Tokyo, with the award ceremony being held on 3rd December in Beijing's Tian Qiao Theatre.



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