China Exchange: An Evening of Unfamiliar Food

2017-12-05 12:09:28 Gurdhit Panesar

The latest in the China Exchange series saw an aura of culinary adventure spread across a room decorated with an eclectic feast which included ant eggs, kimchi and duck tongues. Freya Aitken-Turff the event organiser and executive officer of China Exchange described this event as an opportunity for brave individuals to experience unique cuisines and cultures.The event hopped into place with Saiphin Moore of Rosa’s Thai cafe. As trays of insects were passed onto bemused audience members, Saiphin described how insect consumption is beneficial for the global food crisis and introduces a new exciting world of textures.

The star on Saiphin’s line-up of entrées (or rather ant-trées) was an ant egg soup which was delightfully rich and creamy

The event was brought back to somewhat familiar territory with James Read of Kim Kong Kimchi. Kimchi is characterised by its bright red-orange colour which is derived from ground, sundried chilli. The product is often made from a mixture of Chinese cabbage and a variety of vegetables and the art of making Kimchi is all about imparting the chef’s ‘hand flavour’.

Kimchi! Sweet-smokey tones, hints of roasted chilli and a slight sourness from the fermentation process

Further down the food chain was Fuchsia Dunlop’s duck tongues that really set tongues wagging. Delicacies like duck tongues require an understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture which opens the door to Chinese gastronomy. The duck tongues embody a sophisticated and developed appreciation for food textures.

‘Nose to tail eating’, Chinese duck tongues

The last item for the evening was blue cheese presented by Srdja Mastilovic of Neal’s Yard Dairy. The art of cheese making can be linked all the way back to farming and animal husbandry and the cheese presented was incredibly rich and creamy with a unique flavour profile.

Creamy blue cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy

The event was a great success, a pioneering evening of anticipation, a crunch of discovery and an aftertaste of the unusual and exotic!



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