London Year of the Dog English Newspaper Praised by London Mayor and Popular among Tourists

2018-02-18 21:09:49 China Minutes

On February 18, the China Minutes Spring Festival Supplement, the English edition of the European Times Newspaper, hit New Year celebrations at London's Trafalgar Square. In less than half a day more than 10,000 copies were handed out to visitors. On the same day China Minutes also did a live broadcast of the day's celebrations on Facebook and visitors uploaded their photos holding the special edition to the China Minutes hashtag for their chance to win a lucky prize.

This full-color, well-illustrated 12-page English special issue is also the only English-language newspaper in the UK produced by the Chinese media and devoted to the cultural customs of Chinese New Year. The magazine featured the theme of "Dog Culture," "Chinese Events," "Customs and Traditions," "New Year's Gifts," "Stories of Foreigners in China," and "Horoscopes." The special issue contains six informative and clear sections, an innovative design and vivid content to present readers with an authentic Chinese New Year.This is the second launch of the Spring Festival special issue following the publication for the Year of the Rooster in 2017.

The two European Times Pandas made their debut in London’s Trafalgar Square. Visitors attending the New Year celebrations circled the pandas to take photos. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, also took a photo holding the China Minutes special issue when he was interviewed by the European Times after his speech on the day of the celebration. In less than half a day, more than 10,000 copies of the newspaper were dispatched. "Mom, can I hug this giant panda?" A blond 12-year-old British boy said as set eyes upon the cuddly panda. "I am a dog!" another little boy uttered as he strolled past. As the world's largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia, this year Trafalgar Square also attracted tourists from all over the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy.

Close to the National Portrait Gallery, a group of college students from Spain expressed a strong interest in the special issue. "This is our first time to come to see the Chinese New Year celebrations. The special edition’s food section is very interesting. We were all born in the Year of the Dog, does this mean we will all have bad luck?" Said Hodgson from Leeds, England. Him and his family turned directly to the horoscope section and excitedly discussed their predictions for the year ahead.

Gemma, a lawyer from Italy asked for a special issue because she was "fascinated by Chinese culture." Gemma has been learning Chinese for almost four years in Italy. To come into contact with Chinese culture, Gemma flies to London every year to watch the New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square. "In Italy, few celebrate Chinese New Year and certainly not on this scale," Gemma said she plans to go to China for the first time this year and go to Beijing.

Katie Brown, a primary school teacher in the UK, said the design of the newspaper is very good and rich in content. "It not only introduces the traditional Spring Festival customs, but also introduces many new changes to help people keep up with the times, such as the culture of giving red envelopes, and I will give this to my children to read as they have Chinese culture classes at school."



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