The Third London East Asia Film Festival

2018-10-27 23:41:55 Chinaminutes

The opening gala ceremony for the third London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) kicked off on 25th October at Vue Leicester Square London, comprising of speeches, the LEAFF AWARDS 2018 and the premiere screening of Dark Figure of Crime followed by a Q&A with Director Kim Tae-gyun and Actor Kim Yoon-seok.

Kim Yoon-seok and Han Ji-min won the BEST ACTOR and BEST ACTRESS LEAFF Awards

The festival will last for 11 days from 25 October to 4th November 2018 with a series of enchanting stories, insightful discussions and diverse filmic voices from 13 Asian countries for European audiences.

The gala premiere Dark Figure of Crime directed by Kim Tae-gyun is a criminal thriller about fierce psychological confrontation. The film follows a prominent police detective, Hyung-min who meets Tae-oh who confesses that he killed a total of seven people and will provide him with clues if he visits. With the clues, Hyung-min is hooked on discovering more, but Tae-oh turns the situation to reduce his sentence. It will run until 4th November.

From left to right: the host, Kim Tae-gyun and Kim Yoon-seok

Having focused on the “perception of time” last year, LEAFF’s 2018 programme focuses on the “future”. “We look ahead to the future and what the future brings to us” Festival Director Hyejung Jeon said. She also stated that LEAFF focuses on diversity and audience development, by bringing the best of the East and Southeast Asian cinema not only to the capital, but 5 UK cities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Sheffield and St Andrews. The aim is to reach out to more regional and young audiences and emerge as a platform for East Asian communities and filmmakers in and outside of London.



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