WATCH: Londoners Face their Chinese Food Fears, Chicken Feet and Worse...

2017-04-18 17:55:01 Natasha Edwards

Last week, we took to the streets of London to see how willing people are to face their fears of strange Chinese foods on the spot. We definitely got more strange stares than we did people eager to participate, and we realized it was best to lure people over with the camera before telling them what they were going to try.

That being said, people did try foods considered to be some of the grossest in Chinese cuisine and they didn't seem to disgusted by them either.

The fingernail on the chicken foot is still there...

We started off simple, having people try vacuum-packed glutinous chicken wing flavoured glutensticks, essentiallygluten covered in chili oil. These sticks actually proved to be a favourite among our Chinese colleagues back at the office.

Then came the chicken feet. People stared at us in horror when we would show them the packaging. Us being already accustomed to chicken feet, their reactions seemed slightly over the top, but then again, chicken feet are the number one "real" Chinese food.

Finally, a food nobody had seen, and most were shocked by. Grey preserved eggs, aka century eggs, or thousand year eggs. These eggs are preserved for a couple months so that the egg white turns dark greyand the yoke green and gooey, giving the egg a crystal-like appearance. The smell is potent enough to put people off a mile away.

What is the strangest Chinese food you have ever tried? Would you try a century egg on the street?



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