Feng Xiaogang's New Film 'Youth' to be Screened from 15th December

2017-12-06 12:18:22 China Minutes

From the ‘Chinese Spielberg’ Feng Xiaogang (I Am Not Madame Bovary) comes one of the most anticipated and controversial films of the year. Set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution and Sino-Vietnam War, Youth was controversially denied by China’s censors. With autobiographical origins, Youth is an epic spanning a decade of fear and tension, and tackles a topic that few filmmakers could mount.

Youth is a blood-soaked coming-of-age story spanning the decade of 1970. It follows Xiaoping (Miao Miao), a naïve recent military recruit whose eagerness to impress is quashed when Mao’s death galvanises tensions that culminate in the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese war. Denied by the censors in China, Youth is a timely epic drenched in political commentary from one of the greatest directors working in China today.

Be sure to see it in Cinemas from December 15th.



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