Wanyoo to Host League of Legends Championship

2019-03-01 19:12:38 China Minutes

On 29 January 2019, Wanyoo Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Wanyoo) successfully opened the UK’s largest esports studio in London. Wanyoo is excited to announce that it will soon host its first-ever esports event, the Wanyoo Championship Cup 2019 – League of Legends. Starting on 9 March, there will be two rounds of competition: an online qualifying stage and in-person semi-final and final at Wanyoo UK’s studio.

In China, Wanyoo has been successfully running its League of Legends Championship Cup for 8 years,with over 500,000 participants and a huge audience of 2 million people. Inspired by its growing successand influence in Asia, Wanyoo is committed to holding its very first League of Legends Championship inthe UK – the Wanyoo Championship Cup 2019. The aim is to provide a social platform and outstanding gaming experience for all gamers who love esports and the League of Legends.

Players will be able team up with friends to participate in the competition. The minimum size of a teamroster is five players while the maximum is seven, including two substitutes. Online qualifying matches will begin on 9 March, comprising both a group stage using a single cycle and BO1 competition system,and a knockout round using the B03 system. Four teams will compete in the semi-final and final using the BO5 system. The competition will follow League of Legends world championship rules. On 6 April, the in-person semi-final and final will be held in the 12-station esports battle area in Wanyoo UK’s studio, with live streaming on Twitch and Panda TV. This fantastic competition will have a prize poolfrom £3,000 upwards (team entry fee applies); the winning team will take home 50% of the pot, while 2nd and 3rd places will receive 33.3% and 16.7% respectively.

Utilising its high-quality multifunctional gaming facilities, professional esports equipment and PCs, Wanyoo will use this tournament to enhance its reputation and to enable more esports fans to experience its professional gaming studio, thereby encouraging more interactions between the gaming communities. In addition, Wanyoo will offer more opportunities and support to young gamers so they can showcase their skills, and the general public will be able to discover more information aboutesports and gaming.

Zhaorong Chen, a director of Wanyoo UK, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the first Wanyoo Championship Cup in the UK and we will be using our excellent esports facilities and resources to support it.” Wanyoo UK hopes to establish itself as a leading gaming destination with the objective of bringing all gamers together to connect in more meaningful ways, and to support the teams with thebest practice guides to help them thrive in the future.

As Chen emphasised: “In keeping with our goals, the Wanyoo Championship Cup will be accessible toall and we hope it can be a starting point for us to operate as a community hub for all gamers.” In the future, Wanyoo UK is planning to organise university tournaments, global tournaments and more community tournaments with different games. The overall ambition is to connect all gaming communities and organisations, ultimately expanding the UK esports scene.

Registration closes on 1 March. To register, email for an application form andsee for more information.



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