Top 5 Weibo Stories of the Week

2017-02-17 12:53:46 Natasha Edwards

1. Zoo Keeper Harasses Tiger

A zoo keeper from the Guiyang Forest Wildlife Park, Guizhou province was filmed playing with the tigers in captivity. He was seen dragging the tiger’s tail and sitting on its back. Open wounds on the tiger’s body and a metal collar around his neck were highly visible. Although a manager at the zoo stated the zoo keeper was only playing with the tiger, netizens still expressed their outrage on social media and authorities will be investigating the case in the days to come.

2. Sex reassignment at 72

Xin Yue with his wife.

Seventy-two-year-old Xin Yue is having sex reassignment surgery to become a woman after being pressured into being one his whole life. His parents, who already had three boys, desperately wanted a girl, and dressed Xin Yue in girl’s clothing from a young age. They even went through the trouble of calling him “Secondly, a girl”. The internet opening in recent years made Xin Yue aware of the surgical procedures possible and decide to get sex reassignment surgery and a chest uplift. His wife of forty-five years says she does not regret marrying him and will stay by his side.

Xin Yue's wife picks out clothes for him in the hospital.

3. Cheap Principal

Young student receives hongbao from her principal

On the first day back to school after the Spring Festival, a principal from Weiyang district, Xi’An greeted his students at the front gate with a special surprise. Anyone who would say hello to him and wish him a happy new year would receive a hongbao, Chinese red envelope filled with money. Those children who did say hello to him’s faces beamed with delight when they were offered a hongbao. Only when they opened them, did they realise there was only a card inside that read “Your gift is to be the school librarian for a day.” Fifth grader Song Yifei told reporters “I was already receiving money at five years old, but our principal used the hongbao to assign us tasks.”

"Wait. Where's the money?"

4. Granddaughter to the rescue

The local emergency services reached the grandfather in time.

On the night of Feb. 13, an elderly man suffered from a cerebral infarction and coma. The only person with him at the time was his four-year-old granddaughter who had never used a mobile phone in her life. To everyone's surprise, the granddaughter still managed to call emergency services at 110 and ask for an ambulance for her grandfather. Local police said the girl was in tears over the phone, claiming her grandfather felt dizzy, then fell to the ground. Arriving at the scene, the smart girl held back her tears to warn the police her grandfather had been drinking. The grandfather is now in recovery and no longer in danger.

5. Mother of 102

Li Lijuan with many of her children at home.

In Hebei province, Li Lijuan is an adoptive mother of one hundred and two children. Li Lijuan started adopting abandoned children twenty years ago, and is now known as the mother to the “village of love” where she resides. A single mother, she originally took care of the children on her own. Now, after years barely scraping by and poor health, she is two-hundred million yuan in debt and has been diagnosed with lymphoma with no money for treatment.

Jan. 2017, Li Lijuan found another baby abandoned at the entrance to the village. Many parents hear about Li Lijuan and abandon their children with her.



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