Top 5 Headlines of the Week

2017-02-17 16:39:23 Natasha Edwards

Deadly Bus Crash in Taipei

On Monday evening, a tour bus in Taipei overturned after crashing into a barrier and skidding on the hillside, killing thirty out of the forty-four elderly passengers on board. Many of the victims were trapped inside the wreckage, unable to escape. A further two passengers died in hospital.

Investigators discovered the bus had been speeding before the accident, and are considering other factors leading to the crash. (Source: The Sun)

G20 Negotiations

Photo credit: Xinhua

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met at the G20 on Thursday to discuss a potential and desired free trade agreement between the two countries once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, a deal that would enhance the “golden era” of China and the UK’s relationship.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the two countries will continue to promote flagship cooperation on projects such as the Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Prime Minister Theresa May and Boris Johnson were invited to attend a summit on the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to expand trade between China and the rest of Asia, Europe, and Africa. (Source: SCMP)

Millions Lonely on Valentine's Day

Photo credit: Roman Pilipey/European Pressphoto Agency

In China, Valentine’s Day a reminder of the one child policy past. Established in 1979, the one child policy triggered mass abortions of female fetuses, creating a gender gap of thirty-three million more men than women in China today. Many single children are forced into going on blind dates with potential partners organised by their parents in hopes of finding a romantic match. Young Chinese men and women feel pressure from society to settle down quickly before they are “too old” and “unwanted”.

As of January 2016, Chinese families are now allowed to have two children. The government anticipates a baby boom to occur by 2020, leading to a smaller difference of men to women in the country. (Source: The New York Times)

Terrorist Attack in Xinjiang

Photo credit: AFP

15 Feb 2017, three men killed eight victims in a mass stabbing spree in Pishan county, Xinjiang province. The three attackers were shot dead by the police at the scene. Local authorities believe the attackers to be Muslim separatists from one of Xinjiang’s many separatist groups. The government has been attempting to tighten Xinjiang’s borders with neighbouring Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries since the attack in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve.

On Thursday, in response to the attack, thousands of police and military troops marched in a parade in Holtan, Xinjiang, to show their authority in the region and armed police have been on duty in all major cities in Xinjiang since the attack. (Source: Fox News)

Foreigners banned from live-streaming

Photo credit: Pacific Press, LightRocket via Getty Images

After Facebook, Youtube, and Google, China is now tightening its censorship on Chinese live-streaming apps. This week, foreigners were banned from live-streaming. It remains unclear how they can apply to broadcast legally. Since last year, any Chinese citizen who wishes to live stream needs approval from the Ministry of Culture and a license. This is a huge setback for China’s big live-streaming market with over three hundred users. (Source: CNET/ Sixth Tone)



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