China’s Beggars Move with the Times, Using Alipay to Scrounge for Money

2017-04-20 19:23:29 Editorial

Several elderly men were spotted in Jinan, Shandong begging and presenting a QR code to passersby. It’s a bit of a joke, when you thought you could easily dodge a beggar on the street, and say ‘Sorry, I’ve got no change,’ but it seems harder now knowing thateveryone hasAlipay.

Netizens caught on to the story and were astounded at this unthinkable and absurd situation. The various beggars were spotting holding a basket, or with a card printed with their personal QR code. When probed who helped them set-up the account, they brushed it off casually and said someone nearby.

Check out my QR code

For those who have used WeChat and AliPay, we know that China’s tech scene is way advanced, with its all-in-one functionality, efficient and user friendly apps. Alipay is a eWallet service, a bit like Paypal but more commonly used and in different contexts. So whether you are taking a taxi, buying clothes online, or even getting apples from the local fruit store – you can use this slick Alipay service.

A closer look at the QR code

You could take it that these beggars are incredibly entrepreneurial and moving with the times.



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