Gas Water Heaters with the Birth of Reform and Opening Up

2018-06-01 17:43:35 China Minutes

If we want to find a symbolic industry for China’s 40 years of reform and opening up, home appliances are a good choice. It has been 40 years since China's home appliance companies entered the world, and it has also been 40 years in which the world has changed China. From the poor, the world's factories, to the industrial powers and today's smart manufacturing leaders, Chinese home appliance companies have begun to have more and more authority when speaking in areas such as technology, design, and branding.

Among the many kinds of household appliances, there is one breed that neither falls into the "three olds" nor the list of "three new" but because of its appearance, it has completely changed the way of life of the people and has improved people's sense of well-being and has made a low-key but irreplaceable contribution. It is a water heater.

Looking at the development of water heaters in China can be said to be the epitome of the great achievements of reform and opening up. For this, as the first company to realize scaled gas water heater production in China, Wanjiale has a unique voice.

In the early 1970s, Premier Zhou Enlai went back home to return two in-line gas water heaters. After returning to Beijing, he instructed relevant departments to develop this product. Under the attention of Premier Zhou, the water heaters began to enter ordinary family homes. The era of the Chinese people bathing with boiled water ended, and the bathing life of the common people entered a new era.

Macro: A History of China Gas Water Heater Development

For more than 40 years, China's gas water heaters have undergone five stages of in-line, flue, forced discharge, balance, and outdoor. Each stage is a technological upgrade. For each stage, Wanjiale has played an irreplaceable role. The role of helping the water heater experience continues to make breakthroughs in comfort and safety.

Looking at the development history of MACRO over 33 years, it can be said that it is a history of the development of China's gas water heater industry.

Founded in 1985, Wanjiale introduced leading production lines and testing systems across the board, changed the domestic production methods of hand-workshops, took the lead in large-scale production of gas-fired products, achieved a leap in the gas industry in China, and enabled water heaters to enter the homes of ordinary people.

In 1997, Wanjiale launched the first domestic gas-fired water heater to push the industry into a safe bathing era. In order to completely solve the safety problem of water heaters and realize industrial upgrades, since 1996, Wanjiale has held the banner of “technological innovation” and “safety first” as the unit chairman of the Gas Appliances Branch of the China National Hardware Association, uniting 3 companies in the industry. The backbone enterprises made a commitment to suspend production of gas-fired water heaters and promote the use of gas-fired water heaters.

In 1998, the China Quality Management Association recommended MACRO's row of water heaters to the general public in the Great Hall of the People. The high-performance MACRO strong row of water heaters were produced in large quantities, promoted by the National Light Industry Bureau and the National Bureau of Trade promulgated row-type gas water heaters, which fundamentally solved the safety problem of gas water heaters and became a milestone in the development of the gas appliances industry.

In 2002, MACRO edited the national standard for domestic gas water heaters and wrote the national standards for the safety performance of gas water heaters as a mandatory requirement.

In 2005, Wanjia Le introduced the first domestic condensing gas water heater, which has a significantly higher thermal efficiency than ordinary water heaters and announced that the water heater industry has entered a high-performance, low-carbon era.

In 2009, Wanjiale launched the first integrated domestic gas central hot water system in China, marking the industry entering the era of central hot water. By 2017, through continuous R&D, innovation and improvement, Wanjiale's “Home Central Hot Water” products already have 104 leading technology patents.

Accelerate brand "self-renewal" and technological upgrade will not stop

In 2018, with the promotion of consumption upgrades, the structure of China's water heater products has constantly been developing toward the high-end trend. At the same time, due to the advancement of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, the continuous improvement of natural gas infrastructure, and the implementation of the “coal to gas” policy, gas-fired water heaters once again entered a fast-rising channel. This kind of "bone-sized" water heater that appeared on the Chinese market in the early years of reform and opening up has once again become a key focus of the industry.

In the primary and secondary markets, as the level of consumer spending continues to increase, the market for water heaters has shifted from popular consumption to comfortable consumption. Therefore, under the impetus of consumption upgrade, the structure of Chinese water heater products is constantly developing to meet this high-end trend. In recent years, many home-made household appliances have started to tear down the low-priced old labels and gradually embark on a high-quality, high-end brand line.

In 2013, Macroluck teamed up with international master of industrial design Xi Duojun to build the first intelligent bath gas water heater in China, and at the same time to create a smart bath era. Since the beginning of 2015, Wanjiale has won two international gold awards including the International IF Award and the German Red Dot Award. The design quality of Macro's products is highly recognized internationally.

Deepening youthfulness, accelerating brand rejuvenation

Throughout the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, it has shown an arduous yet undisciplined entrepreneurial path and the hard work and sweat of the generations behind it. It is precisely because there are companies such as Wanjia Le that are persistent in improving technology and design standards, which brings us a comfortable and safe home life.

And MACRO is not satisfied with this. In addition to its hard power in technology and manufacturing, MACRO also hopes to lead the way in the era of soft power—brands.

As early as last year, Macro proposed the concept of “deconstruction and rejuvenation” at the China International Kitchen Expo, tying up art and technology, and interpreting brands and products in a way that young people love. For the Chinese home appliance industry.

In 2018, Macross took part in the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo with the theme of “No Founding Seen” to convey a “Refreshing” brand sense. Cutting-edge technology equipment such as holographic projections and fog screens interact with the viewers in a human-machine interaction, revealing cool new faces of technology and fashion. “Chuang Jian did not see a new era of presenting Wanjiale today and tomorrow,” and said the person in charge of Wanjiale. “Macro will not only use technology to create history, but also create a future with a happy aesthetic life.”

In addition, Wanjiale penetrated deep into campuses to encourage creative exchanges with college students, and hosted the Wanjiale 2018 Europe and the United States Touring Innovation Challenge. It aims to encourage creativity and innovation, provide a platform for outstanding students to display talent, professional exchanges and learning, and at the same time, it will discover outstanding talent for the industry and inject young genes into the industry.

Seven years of grinding a sword, the Gas-fired hot water experience

As the first brand in China to realize the production of scaled gas water heaters, since its establishment, Wanjiale has always insisted on innovation based on consumer demand.

Macro's current product line layout is dominated by hot water, kitchen electricity, and thermal energy, and it focuses on water heaters, kitchen appliances, wall-hung boilers and other products. Despite the continuous expansion of the product matrix, gas water heaters - the product that is responsible for the creation of Macro - is still the company's most important direction.

In 2016, Wanjiale launched the central hot water gas water heater named X7. It was equipped with the “Oriental Constant Hotcore” system built over 7 years. It only takes 0.7 seconds to deliver hot water and spread a constant temperature of water throughout the entire house.

In the past, water heaters on the market were basically developed based on traditional product thinking, and did not adequately consider the user's experience. This has caused many deficiencies in the use of water heaters that have not been improved. According to reports, the main reason why these problems are plagued by criticisms is that the urban and rural families in China generally adopt a "cold and hot water pipe double pipe" layout without a return pipe. However, because there is no technical solution all year round, it has gradually become a habit making the people almost helpless.

In 2008, Wanjiale engineers started to focus on two major “pain points” and in 2009 successfully applied for a patent for the central hot water pipe system. Subsequently, Wanjiale launched the X5 and X6 products successively.

In 2013, the Q6 constant-temperature π gas water heater introduced by Macro was equipped with 66 original core patented technologies such as “start-stop zero-fluctuation” hot water technology, which completely eliminated “cold water”, and users did not need to worry about instantaneous water temperature being too cold or too hot. The bathing process is easier, more comfortable and safer.

In the 7 years of grinding a sword, the ideal effect that the ultimate design team expects has also been realized with the birth of “Oriental Constant Hotcore” in the 2016 X7 product.

By 2017, through continuous R&D, innovation and improvement, Wanjiale's “Home Central Hot Water” products already have 104 leading technology patents. This has innovatively changed the user's hot water use experience and made a breakthrough in the technical progress of the water heater industry. In view of the special contribution that Wanjiale has made to the water heater industry in terms of technological innovation, the China National Hardware Association has awarded Macro “China's Original First Home Central Hot Water” certificate for to honor MACRO and hopes that MACRO will continue to make further breakthroughs.

By walking in the forefront of the era of gas water heater technology, Wanjia Le further put forward the "big industry" concept, the extension of science and technology, and the interconnected direction of development of the brand, industry and ecology.

In the future MACRO water will be based on “Yowoo water” life and will be user-centered, creating high quality experience, and kitchen appliances will create a kitchen kitchen centered on the whole kitchen. In other words, MACRO will build the core capabilities of MACRO by co-building, linking and sharing on the basis of innovation.



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