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Grand Opening of the Harmony BYD Store in London

On June 3, the Harmony BYD Canary Wharf Store in London celebrated its grand opening. Situated in London's new financial hub, BYD introduces new green, technological, and innovative elements to the area. 

Guest group photo

Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD Company Limited; Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe; Penny Peng, Marketing & PR Director of BYD Europe; Bono Ge, Country Manager of UK & Ireland BYD Europe; and Jack Feng, Chairman of Harmony Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. in China attended the grand opening ceremony and dinner held at the Four Seasons Hotel. Notable attendees included Peter Mandelson, Leader of the British Labour Party and Member of the House of Lords; Piers Dunhill of the Dunhill family UK; Bao Ling, Minister of Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Zhang Jinlong, Chairman of the UK Chinese Business Association; Fang Wenjian, Director General of the Bank of China London Branch and Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK; and Geetan Jessen, General Manager of Harmony BYD UK. Over 100 prominent figures from London's business, financial, cultural, and media sectors, along with leaders of the Chinese community in London, also attended to celebrate the grand opening.

Guests kicking off the opening ceremony

Speech held by Mr. Michael Shu, Managing Director BYD Europe

Speech held by Mr. Bono Ge, Country Manager UK & Ireland BYD Europe

Speech held by Geetan Jessen, General Manager of Harmony Auto UK

At the vehicle delivery ceremony, Mr. William Burton, Non-Executive Director of the British Tourism Board, renowned energy expert and President of Growth and Development at Wood Group, Zhi Shengke, were presented with new BYD car keys as special guest owners. Mr. William Burton highly praised BYD's outstanding contributions to the new energy vehicle industry and shared his unique insights into choosing the BYD ATTO 3 from a professional perspective. He wished the new store great success and looked forward to BYD continuing to lead the new era of green travel.

Vehicle delivery ceremony

Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel, London

Dinner scene

BYD Shines at London’s Financial Center

Canary Wharf is London’s emerging international financial centre, home to almost all world-renowned banks, financial institutions, and numerous top 100 European companies. It is also at the forefront of development for industries such as commerce, media, education, and cultural creativity. The primary demographic here includes young business elites, international tourists, and business professionals strongly interested in green and smart travel. 

BYD Canary Wharf is situated in the heart of Canary Wharf, benefiting from excellent transportation links, including three subway and light rail lines. The store is surrounded by upscale shopping, dining, and residential areas, attracting a large number of visitors. Additionally, it serves as a hub for luxury car sales.

With the launch of BYD Canary Wharf, the area now boasts its first BYD new energy vehicle store. This addition will synergize with the neighbouring high-end brands, elevating BYD's image and increasing its appeal to local consumers.

An Excellent Experience of Green Technology

Stepping into BYD Canary Wharf, one is immediately struck by its futuristic aesthetic design. The showroom features an elegant blend of light wood tones and fresh greenery, creating a tranquil and comfortable car-buying environment, like a serene oasis in a futuristic city. The store’s visual theme of “Technology Meets Nature”, showcases a unique coexistence of environmentalism and avant-garde style.

The open exhibition space highlights each BYD model as a visual centrepiece. Presently, the showroom displays the BYD Seal, Dolphin, and ATTO 3 models, with the newly launched BYD SEAL U DM-i set to arrive in Europe soon. In the future, all BYD models for international markets will be showcased and sold at this location. The new store also features advanced multimedia interactive facilities, enabling customers to easily access vehicle information and enjoy the convenience and entertainment provided by the latest technology.

The sales and service teams are professional and enthusiastic, providing a swift service response. From the welcoming smiles at the entrance to the detailed explanations by one-on-one consultants and the convenient, efficient car purchase process, every step showcases BYD’s dedication to customer experience.

BYD Canary Wharf is more than just a car dealership; it is a platform for promoting BYD's green travel culture.

BYD Boosts Green Development in the UK

The opening of BYD Canary Wharf marks the brand's inaugural presence in London's financial hub. Operated by BYD dealer Harmony Auto, this new store not only enhances the prestige of the BYD brand but also attracts a larger pool of potential customers. Its successful launch underscores the robust demand for BYD passenger cars in the UK market.

As BYD Canary Wharf gains traction and expertise in its operations, both BYD and Harmony are poised to expand their presence and partnerships within the market. Harmony intends to establish additional BYD stores in Bristol, Romford, Cambridge, and other UK locales, all slated to commence operations in 2024.

BYD's electric buses have already established themselves as a cornerstone of eco-friendly transportation in the UK. With deeper collaboration between BYD and dealers like Harmony Auto, BYD passenger cars are poised to play an increasingly pivotal role in the UK's green development efforts.

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