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Alley Restaurant

Traditional Shanghai Cuisine

Region: Shanghai food
Immerse yourself in an authentic Shanghai dining experience at the Alley Restaurant in west London. 

If you are looking to try the weird and wonderful delicacies of the east take a trip to west London where you will find Alley Restaurant serving up authentic Shanghai cuisine alongside dishes such as fermented egg, fish balls and squirrel fish. The décor of the restaurant is kept simple to let the photos of old Shanghai do the talking.

Sliced cold chicken, smoked fish and delicious sweet lotus root are just some of the dishes you can enjoy. However, what will really get your mouth watering is the squirrel fish. Delicately sliced and shaped to look like porcupine quills, the fish is deep fried and topped with a sticky sweet and sour sauce, giving it that distinct red colour and don’t worry no squirrels are harmed in the making. If you are feeling adventurous why not try the restaurants popular delicacy, Century Egg also known as hundred-year egg. The Alley take a raw duck egg and immerse it in salt for several months, during which time the yolk turns dark green and the white to a translucent jelly.  
One to order with friends is the Chinese hot pot, similar to a fondue dining experience without the cheese! A simmering spicy soup sits in the middle of the table, surrounded by cuts of raw meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles ready for you to dip, cook and enjoy. 

Phone: 020 8563 8470

Facebook: Alley

Price Range:  ££ - £££.   Approx. £25 pp 

Must Try Dish:  Squirrel Fish/Lotus Root 

Opening hoursMon - Fri Lunch: 12pm - 3pm Dinner: 5pm- 11pm Sat & Sun 12pm - 3pm
Address291-293 King Street Hammersmith London W6 9NH
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