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Duck Restaurant

UK's only restaurant specialising in duck

Duck Restaurant is situated in London's Chinatown and is the UK's only restaruant specialising in duck. With both traditional and contemporary styles of cooking, the menu largely consists of Hong Kong dishes, but there are also several dishes on the menu which have been sourced from other parts of Asia such as the Tom Yang Gong Hot Pot from Thailand. 

Reccomended Dishes:

Cripsy Duck with Mango and Pinapple - a mouth watering starter with succulent slices of roast duck

Fried King Prawns with Crispy Oatmeal - king prawns wrapped in a fluffy oatmeal coating

Spicy Hong Kong Stir-fried Duck - slices of duck in a spicy vegetable stir-fy

Tom Yang Gong Hot Pot - chunks of duck boiled in a soup stock and inspired by SE Asian flavors


The restaurant covers three floors, the lower floor is for general dning, the second floor is for hot pot and the third floor is for parties and events. There is also a bar for drinks. 




Address45 Wardour Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 6PZ
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