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Yun Noodle

Unique eight-hour broth

Take in the sights of London whilst chowing down on Yun Noodles grab and go lunch.
Head down to the Kerb street food market where YUN are bringing the cuisine of Yunnan to the streets of London. The founders travelled the many different cities of Yunnan, China, taking inspiration from each one to create their own unique eight-hour broth, which has become the signature base to many of their dishes. 
Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, which dates back to a 300-year-old recipe is one not to be missed. Rice noodles are submerged in a base of eight-hour broth and topped with a variety of meats, vegetables, goji berries and garnished with edible chrysanthemum petals. 

If you need a quick pick me up, the Langya Chilli Chips along with a cheeky smile from the super friendly staff will certainly do the trick!




Instagram: @yunricenoodle

Price Range:     £££.   Average noodle soup: £8.95 

Must Try Dish: 

Douhua Mixian - Silken Tofu Rice Noodles 
Popcorn Chicken


Opening hours12-2pm Checkout exact days and times at
AddressTo see where they are popping up this week, check out;
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