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Postcard Teas


Nestled just off New Bond Street in affluent Mayfair is Postcard Teas, a boutique tea shop founded in 2005, specialising in teas from small producers across China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.
Postcard Teas not only want the best for their customers but also for the farmers that produce their teas hence why they stick to only working with very small family run farms, some of which are only 1-2acres in size. All 60 of the different teas that they stock are labelled with the maker’s name and location. The shop also doubles up as a small tasting room, where you have the opportunity to try a tea of your choice prepared in a Gaiwan, Shiboridashi or Yixing pot. The tasting will cost just £3 for several brews, with the option to purchase the tea at the end of the session. As the shop name foretells they also offer a really unique gift service by which you can send 50g of tea as a postcard to anywhere in the world. Where will you send your postcard?

Open Times
Mon – Sat: 10:30am – 6:30pm
9 Dering street
Mayfair, London

Web: www.postcardteas.com
Phone: 0207 629 3654
Email: info@postcardteas.com
Instagram: @postcardteas
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PostcardTeas

Price Range:
Prices start at £6

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