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2023 UK Chinese Society Fair

Trashy Street Stalls, All-Night Dancing, and Fashion Revival!

If you're an 'ePerson,' you can gather with friends over the weekend and dance the night away at a party;

If you're an 'iPerson,' you can enjoy some alone time, perhaps meditating on the mysteries of the universe;

But if you're both 'e' and 'i'...

Then this Saturday is a must!

Come join the welcome day for the 2023 UK Chinese Society Fair this Saturday! It's open to all and free of charge, so bring your friends along!

Date: October 14, 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Venue: China Exchange, Chinatown 32A Gerrard St, London W1D 6JA, UK

This event is proudly organized by the European Times UK Division, EngLinked, and the SinoStar Alliance, with special support from the Chinese Embassy in the UK and the All-UK Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Who says every item has to be useful? Why does everything have to have a purpose? The concept of 'useless things' itself has great allure.

We love many 'useless things,' and when the utility of an object is dissolved, its pure aesthetic value shines through. Aesthetics, fundamentally, is a roadmap with countless choices made in an instant, telling our story:

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we headed?

So, we invite everyone to 'trash it' with a sense of pride and boldness, and showcase your 'useless things'!

You can bring unwanted clothes and items, and artists will help you turn them into exquisite sculptures...

3 AM: Dance the Night Away

How can a weekend go by without dancing?

3AM ENTERTAINMENT, the most popular club brand in the UK, is targeting the Chinese community in the UK, bringing a new wave of parties and leading the party scene! Here, you can; not only enjoy the joy of the party; but also experience a fusion of music, socializing, and revelry in a spiritual sanctuary!

Without a bit of revelry, how can we truly liberate ourselves?

3AM ENTERTAINMENT! Let's make every event go past 3 AM!

Mend and Revive!

Are you wasting out-of-season beautiful clothes because they've lost their flavor? Have you lost your old clothes? Did your favorite bag suddenly get a hole? Do you want to paint your pants with your favorite designs or logos?

'Sew and Mend' is a brand-new sustainable lifestyle event aimed at helping people learn the skills to transform and repair their favorite clothes, choosing a more sustainable fashion lifestyle.

A Washable 'Tattoo'?

Tattoos are an attitude and a way of life, but in traditional Chinese concepts, "your body belongs to your parents." Henna tattoos, lasting for 15 days, can be seen as a more suitable form of tattoo for the Chinese.

Among them, the Henna landscape is a distinctive drawing style in my organization, bringing traditional Chinese ink landscape painting onto the body, making the best tattoos!

'Not Island' Reading Club

'Not Island' is an experimental spatial concept, and the podcast radio station on the island speaks to the islanders.

They have offline book clubs and will soon create an online VR lighthouse reading room, poetry festival, drama festival, music festival, and film festival, providing a place where souls can rest.

IAFFF Animal · Future · Ecology Film Festival

If you truly 'dislike people,' you're welcome to interact with small animals!

IAFFF, the International Animal Future Film Festival, is a budding festival spanning Asia and Europe, focusing on exploring the relationship between future humans and animals. If you like dancing, crafts, creativity, painting, figurines, and more creative niche communities, come and discover!

Join us for a day of eclectic experiences and boundless creativity at the '2023 UK Overseas Chinese Community Welcome Day' this Saturday. Whether you're an 'ePerson,' an 'iPerson,' or a delightful blend of both, there's something here for everyone.



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