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Top 10 Must-Visit Cities in China's Premier Travel Destinations List Unveiled in London

The much-anticipated "Top 10 China City Destinations 2023" list, crafted by our editorial team at China Minutes, was revealed and presented at the 2023 World Travel Market in London on November 7.

Melina Rauter takes the stage, introducing "China Minutes' Grand Tour: Top 10 China City Destinations 2023" list. [Photo Credit: All visuals in this piece are courtesy of H2O Studio.]

Cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Chengdu took center stage, showcasing the lineup of the "Top 10 China City Destinations 2023." The event, attended by the Chinese Tourism Office in London, cultural and tourism departments from five Chinese provinces and cities, as well as numerous enterprises, captured the attention of numerous international attendees and several local media outlets in the UK.

This meticulously crafted list incorporates perspectives from our editorial team and choices from our vast audience of over a million enthusiasts. It stands as an essential travel companion for international readers fascinated by China and captivated by its rich cultural tapestry. The ten cities spotlighted in this selection include Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shangri-La, Qingdao, Nanchang, Sanya, and Guiyang. 

Taking into account factors such as convenient transportation and internationalization, this list offers a comprehensive showcase of China's diverse natural landscapes, rich cultural attractions, and distinctive culinary delights. It provides international travelers with a multifaceted array of tourism options.

Since its introduction, our list has received widespread acclaim. Acting as a catalyst for Chinese cities to boost their global visibility, we've effectively established a model of influence that transcends borders. Positioned as a trustworthy guide, we assist foreign travelers in choosing destinations for their journeys in China.

During the event, Melina Rauter, our editor at China Minutes, presented an introduction to the cities on the list from five different perspectives; Nature; Culture; Culinary Delights; Transportation; and internationalization. She showcased the unique charm of the top ten tourist destinations to the attending guests and audience.

Melina Rauter engaging with the audience at the event.

Xue Ling, the Director of the Chinese Tourism Office in London (CNTO), expressed approval for the list. She mentioned that China, with its vast and diverse landscapes, offers unforgettable experiences no matter where one goes. She was pleased to introduce this list, which combines professionalism and entertainment, to everyone. 

Xue Ling highlighted specific attractions, including the endearing pandas from Sichuan, the fascinating hero stories from Jiangxi, the chance to savor a cool beer in Qingdao during the summer, partake in winter sports, or relish a warm winter in Sanya. The audience resonated particularly strongly when Shanghai was introduced as a shopping paradise, expressing their longing for China with enthusiastic cheers.

Xue Ling, Director of the Chinese Tourism Office in London (left), and Melina Rauter, Editor of 'China Minutes,' pose for a photo.

After hearing Melina's presentation, Adam from Australia remarked that the list not only features internationally famous major cities but also highlights many "unexplored" cities, offering a refreshing perspective. For instance, he mentioned Shangri-La, admitting that before the introduction of the list, he had doubted its existence, having only come across it in movies and literature. Adam is currently learning Mandarin and has already visited Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. Now, he is even more enthusiastic about exploring the rural areas of China to experience their unique charm.

In addition, the on-site panda mascots drew the admiration of professionals from various sectors of the tourism industry and numerous visitors. The panda imagery received widespread acclaim, with travel video blogger Benjamin expressing his fascination and desire to have a "close encounter" with pandas in their homeland after hearing Melina's presentation.

Benjamin admitted that, having never seen a real panda, he was now eager to visit the pandas' place of origin. Beyond that, the list's exploration of tea culture also caught the attention of this individual accustomed to British tea. His partner, Derek, commented that the list goes beyond introducing scenic spots and unique cuisines, delving into many intriguing aspects of history and culture. Derek stated that upon returning home, he intends to utilize this list to shape his travel plans for an upcoming trip to China.

International tourists, enthused after the introduction of the "Top 10 China City Destinations 2023" list, eagerly interact with the Jiangxi booth to experience the charm of the showcased cities.

Founded in London in 2015, China Minutes, stands as our English media brand, seamlessly integrating newspapers, online platforms, and social media into a cohesive entity. Our content spans a wide spectrum, encompassing hot topics and information across various fields related to China. Embracing the mission of promoting Chinese culture, we have successfully attracted a significant readership in the Western world. Currently, our audience and fan base exceed 1.1 million across all platforms, solidifying our position as one of the most influential English media brands reporting on China's diverse domains.

The annual World Travel Market in London, recognized as one of the largest and most esteemed events in the global tourism industry, has consistently served as a significant indicator for international travelers and the tourism sector. This year marked a pivotal moment, as it witnessed China's inaugural participation following the comprehensive recovery from the pandemic. Organized by the Chinese Tourism Office in London, the event saw delegations from five provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Hubei, and Jiangxi.

The Chinese pavilion covered a total area of 90 square meters and hosted over 40 representatives from the cultural and tourism departments of these five provinces and cities. The delegation included twelve prominent domestic tourism companies, such as China Travel Service, China Youth Travel Service, China International Travel Service, and Kanghui Tourism. Additionally, seven British airlines, inbound travel agencies from China, British news media, and London Tourism Office's UK partners participated, collectively providing a comprehensive and detailed showcase for global travel professionals and visitors.


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