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Mid-Autumn Festival
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Mid-Autumn Festival

Customs, Lanterns and Mooncake

Whether you are interested in Chinese culture or simply desire to learn more about China, there are 3 festivals you need to experience - Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Day.
The Mid-Autumn Festival dates back over 1000 years when ancient Chinese people gave thanks to the dragon that brought the rain for harvest and prayed for prosperity in the coming year during the first full moon of autumn.
Nowadays it’s one of the most widely celebrated Chinese festivals in China and the Chinese community worldwide. It holds a special place in Chinese people’s hearts, especially those far away from home, as the family reunion is the core sentiment behind this festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is 13th September in 2019. China Unbound will be holding a celebration on the 4th September for this exciting festival!

Experience China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese culture through a series of fun activities. These include:
1. A short talk covering all you need to know about the Mid-Autumn Festival – the meaning, origin and development and the myth of the festival, its cultural significance and how Chinese people celebrate it nowadays.
2. Lantern riddles (yes, the lantern plays a very important role in Chinese festival celebrations) with prizes.
3. Customised Chinese calligraphy on lanterns, so you can take home a little bit of the Chinese festival vibe with you.
4. Learn some Mid-Autumn Festival greetings in Chinese that will bring you closer to your Chinese friends, family, and business associates.
5. Mooncake tasting. A little bite of the mooncake along with well-brewed Chinese tea gives you a unique flavour of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
6. Meet like-minded people interested in China
7. Lots of fun and blessings.

*Early bird £11 (book it before 25th Aug)
*Book online £13
*Cash at door £15


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