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2024 Summer Davos to be held in Dalian late June
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2024 Summer Davos to be held in Dalian late June

The 2024 Summer Davos meeting will be held from June 25 to 27 in northeast China's coastal city of Dalian, according to the city's coordination office for Summer Davos.

Also known as the 15th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions, this year's forum will feature the theme "Next Frontiers for Growth".

The event will gather over 1,500 high-level leaders from business, government, civil society and international organizations, as well as prominent entrepreneurs, innovators and academics to generate collective insights and deployable solutions.

Six major topics will be discussed during the meeting: a new global economy; China and the world; entrepreneurship in the age of AI; new frontiers for industries; investing in people; and connecting climate, nature and energy. 

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