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9 young living Buddhas complete primary schooling in Tibet
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9 young living Buddhas complete primary schooling in Tibet

Nine young living Buddhas have completed primary schooling and their graduation ceremony was held at the Tibet Buddhism Academy in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region Saturday.

After four years of study, the nine young living Buddhas of the second class at the academy in Quxu County finished all courses of primary school education, passed the exams, and graduated.

At the graduation ceremony, the young living Buddhas presented their achievements in studies through composition reading, Tibetan calligraphy display, English sitcom performances, recitation of literary classics and scriptures, and debate.

"I'm very happy today because we completed primary schooling and we'll soon study higher-level middle school courses. As a living Buddha, I hope to help more people find happiness while promoting the right way in the future," said 12-year-old Jampakhenrab Chogyalwangchug from Champa Ling Monastery.

The primary school education at the academy includes courses in Tibetan language, Mandarin, mathematics, English, religious theory, and physical education.

In September 2015, the academy opened the first class of young living Buddhas.

The Tibet Buddhism Academy was established in October 2011. So far, it has trained thousands of outstanding monks for Tibetan Buddhism.

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