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High-level socialist market economy provides important guarantee for China's modernization drive

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A high-standard socialist market economy will provide an important guarantee for Chinese modernization, according to the Communique of the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC) issued recently.

China shifts focus from education access to quality

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China will increase the supply of high-quality educational resources, including optimizing the regional allocation to meet changes in school-age population, Education Minister Huai Jinpeng said in Beijing on July 19th.

1 million yuan reward for the stolen stone lion

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Authorities in Shaanxi province are offering a reward for information about the theft of two cultural relics — a pair of stone lions — 14 years ago.

Promoting the development of the real estate industry is the focus

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As the deepening of reform practices continues, China aims to drive the transition from its traditional growth drivers to new growth drivers, providing robust support for high-quality development, a senior official said on July 19th.

China, Philippines launch urgent investigation into killing of Chinese citizen

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China's Ministry of Public Security announced on July 18th that it has immediately initiated law enforcement cooperation with authorities in the Philippines to investigate the recent kidnapping and killing of Chinese citizen surnamed Xia.