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All ski resorts in Xinjiang fully open
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All ski resorts in Xinjiang fully open

All 84 ski resorts in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have opened fully to the public. More than 50,000 vouchers were issued to boost local ice and snow tourism, a regional government spokesperson said Friday. 

The characteristics of ice and snow tourism in Xinjiang are very distinct, said spokesperson Elijan Anayat at a press conference. 

Located in the golden latitudes of ice and snow, Xinjiang is rich in ice and snow resources. Its endowment of ice and snow resources is comparable to the European Alps and the Rocky Mountains in North America.

There are more than 18,600 large and small glaciers covering over 24,000 square km, accounting for 42 percent of the glacier area in China. The thick and large amount of "powder snow" suitable for skiing, good climate, slow wind speed, sunshine, and high mountains with moderate slopes have enabled the region to become a preferred destination for ice and snow sports.

The regional culture and tourism department has released 12 boutique ice and snow tourism routes involving culture, food, sports, and other elements and covering most prefectures and cities in Xinjiang. A total of 180 activities focusing on ice and snow tourism were also announced throughout Xinjiang.

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