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Alternating temperatures on Beijing subway on track for success
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Alternating temperatures on Beijing subway on track for success

Beijing piloted an alternating-temperatures scheme in trains on its subways from Monday to provide passengers with a more people-oriented air conditioning mode, reported the Beijing News on Tuesday.

Before the trial, Beijing subway's operations company applied an overall upgrade to the air conditioners inside carriages on lines 2 and 13 after the last train stopped on Sunday. Detailed temperature information was acquired and daily maintenance records have been logged to ensure the safety of the trains. The company also mounted a total of 210 signs on the platforms of the stations on Line 2 and Line 13.

It does not feel much different to be in the highly-cool train or lightly-cool train during short ride. However, after several stations, the difference is palpable, the Beijing News reported.

The capital has been setting up different temperature zones on the same trains for subway Line 6 since mid-June. Signs reading "high cool" in dark blue, and "light cool" in light blue are posted on platforms to direct passengers to the different temperature zones.

After field experiments, the temperature inside Line 6 trains was found to be 27 C during peak hours and 25 C during normal hours in the lightly-cool carriage; The temperature in the highly-cool carriage was 24 C during peak hours and 26 C during normal hours, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

According to the Beijing News, passengers are satisfied with the management on subway Line 6, and the trial will be continued as a long-term measure.

On July 12, Beijing subway received a record high of 13.75 million passengers, the Beijing Evening News reported.

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