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Badaling Great Wall night tour attracts over 100,000 visitors
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Badaling Great Wall night tour attracts over 100,000 visitors

The night tour of Badaling Great Wall in Beijing has attracted over 100,000 tourists since the May Day holiday this year.

The night tour started from April 28. It has been open every day since the May Day holiday. A night cruise performance begins at 8:30 p.m. at the foot of the wall. Performers in Hanfu costumes march from the Great Wall post office to Guancheng Square, performing dances, folk music, acrobatics, folk arts, and magic for tourists at eight points along the route.

The illuminated wall, snack stalls, cultural and creative shops, and cultural blocks that incorporate multimedia effects such as lighting and holographic projection allow tourists to immerse themselves in the wall’s history and majesty. At its entrance, tourists can enjoy an opera displayed on the Great Wall.

The night tour of Badaling Great Wall has become an engine driving the hotel industry in Yanqing District of Beijing. In mid-July, hotels near Badaling Great Wall were fully booked, and 40 percent of guests had booked night tours via hotels.

Meanwhile, the scenic spot has also cooperated with travel agencies to provide tourists with pick-up services.

"This year, sources of visitors to the Great Wall are not limited to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei,” said Zhai Yanwei, deputy general manager of Badaling Tourism Group.

According to her, more than 100 cultural tourism enterprises from Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing and other places have reached cooperation intentions with the Badaling Great Wall night tour project.

Next, Yanqing District will continue to promote the construction of the national Great Wall cultural park and explore effective ways to revitalize and utilize cultural relics to further boost cultural tourism.

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