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Beijing public transportation no longer requires passengers to wear masks
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Beijing public transportation no longer requires passengers to wear masks

Passengers are no longer required to wear masks while traveling via subway or bus in Beijing, according to media reports.

Some netizens have shared their experiences of people not wearing masks while taking the subway and bus in Beijing recently.

According to workers at Beijing subway stations, a notice recently sent to them has shown that there are no more mandatory requirements for passengers to wear masks, The Beijing News reported.

Photos circulating online show that workers have removed the signs reminding passengers to wear masks during the whole journey in the subway stations.

According to the Beijing Public Transportation Service hotline 010-96166, Beijing buses do not require passengers to wear masks, but suggest wearing masks due to their personal needs.

The National Administration of Disease Prevention and Control issued on April 12 new guidelines for the public to wear masks to prevent novel coronavirus infection.

According to the new guidelines, people are now only recommended to wear masks when taking public transportation such as airplanes, trains, long-distance buses, ships, subways, buses, etc.

"I think wearing or not wearing a mask is now a personal choice, but it also tests our awareness of public norms," a female passenger said. She said it was still a responsibility for people to wear masks in consideration of personal and other's health.

Some netizens said that due to the warming weather, it was much more convenient to not wear masks. Yetao

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