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Beijing: UK Parliament's decision on ambassador 'cowardly'
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Beijing: UK Parliament's decision on ambassador 'cowardly'

China condemned on Wednesday a move by the United Kingdom's Parliament to ban the Chinese ambassador to the UK from activities held in Parliament and said it would take necessary steps in response.

Ambassador Zheng Zeguang had been invited to attend a summer reception hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary China Group and the China-Britain Business Council. It was scheduled to be held in the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster, London, on Wednesday.

But the event had to be postponed after the ambassador was told he could not go to Parliament, despite the invitation, while Chinese sanctions remain in place against a number of UK lawmakers, according to reports in British media.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the move was instigated by some anti-China parliamentarians and urged Parliament to immediately revoke the decision and earnestly restrain words and actions of certain parliamentarians.

"It is completely justified and reasonable," he added.

A statement by the Chinese embassy in London called Parliament's move "shortsighted, reckless and cowardly", and an embassy spokesperson said it reflected the narrow and parochial mindset of some individuals in the UK.

"We despise and strongly condemn this," the spokesperson said.


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