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Bosideng brings the heat to London with its 2023 Autumn Collection, Creating a Fashion Legend Alongside the Vinci Manor Showcase

At the stunning runway show at the Vinci Manor in Milan, Bosideng unveiled its groundbreaking design philosophy. "More diverse, more stylish, more lightweight warmth," redefining the fashion benchmark for lightweight down jackets. Now, these breathtaking fashion classics will once again shine at the 2023 Autumn London Static Exhibition.

Bosideng's legacy of innovation and boundary-pushing in the realm of down jackets is unrivaled. In 2022, Bosideng redefined lightweight down jackets, challenging the transformation of traditional functional clothing into fashionable pieces, leading the innovation wave in the down jacket industry. This year, Bosideng ventured into Milan, showcasing the unique charm of Chinese down jackets at the Vinci Manor runway imbued with a Renaissance atmosphere. Now, these fabulous runway pieces will be introduced to London in a static exhibition format, allowing everyone more opportunities to understand and engage. This exhibition also offers a chance for communication and exchange with the Bosideng Autumn 2023 design team, conveying Bosideng's brand philosophy and design inspiration.

In a dynamic collaboration between a Sino-Italian team, Bosideng expertly interwove Chinese and Italian cultural motifs, drawing inspiration from Italian lace craftsmanship and Chinese Su embroidery, creating uniquely crafted fashion pieces. Each piece of clothing involves over 500 hours of handwork. Additionally, Bosideng drew inspiration from the flowers at Vinci Manor, creating distinctive floral herringbone patterns and employing intricate craftsmanship techniques, breaking away from traditional rib-style fine herringbone techniques, thus crafting a visual ICON for Bosideng.

Furthermore, the design incorporates elements of Renaissance fashion, including lamb hoof sleeves, hoop skirts, lace edges, ruffled collars, and colors reminiscent of 15th-century artists' styles. This series of innovations has made Bosideng the focal point of the international fashion industry, redefining lightweight down jackets.

The 2023 Autumn London Static Exhibition will showcase Bosideng's latest fashion creations and its unique interpretation of lightweight down jackets. Bosideng's full range uses internationally certified high-quality goose down to ensure the perfect balance of warmth and lightness. Upgraded three major lightweight warmth technologies, including the thermal humidity balance patent system, cloud-sensing high-stretch fabric, and thermal feedback technology, will make Bosideng's new products essential fashion items for the autumn and winter seasons.

This event promises to be an exquisite amalgamation of fashion and innovation, while showcasing the international influence of the Bosideng brand. Celebrities, bloggers, and key figures in the fashion industry will gather to witness Bosideng's ongoing breakthroughs in the fashion world and the power of a Chinese brand.

Since its founding in 1976, Bosideng has been committed to the field of down jackets for 47 years. They have participated in numerous international fashion weeks, collaborated with renowned designers, redefined lightweight down jackets, and brought Chinese fashion to the global stage, demonstrating extraordinary Chinese creativity.


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