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China issues regulatory protocols for webcast performers
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China issues regulatory protocols for webcast performers

China's National Radio and Television Administration and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture have jointly issued a set of regulatory protocols for webcast anchors.

The protocols apply to performers who provide webcast, video, and audio services via the internet and also serve as references for virtual anchors powered by AI technology.

According to the protocols, webcast anchors should maintain the right tone in political orientation, public communication, and values and actively embody core socialist values.

Content creators in fields with relatively high thresholds -- such as health, finance, law, and education -- should obtain professional qualifications before their online performance, said the protocols.

The protocols draw a set of bottom lines for internet performers and prohibit content that violates laws, breaches public orders, willfully promotes improper topics, induces dangerous behaviors or bad habits among juniors, and instigates cyberspace violence, among others.

The document also requires relevant authorities to tighten their accountability and internal regulations in managing internet performers and specifies a range of penalties for violations of the protocols. 

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