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China-Laos Railway transports over 100,000 cross-border passengers
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China-Laos Railway transports over 100,000 cross-border passengers

The China-Laos Railway, which launched its international passenger service on April 13, has transported over 100,000 cross-border passengers as of Dec. 5, the Mohan border checkpoint has said.

Some 14,900 of those passengers were foreigners, according to Mohan's entry-exit frontier inspection station on the China-Laos border. The Mohan railway port handled 474 passenger trains during the period.

Since the launch of its cross-border passenger service, the railway has become the preferred mode of transport for a growing number of international travelers due to its affordability, convenience and comfort.

The China-Laos Railway, a landmark project of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, began operations in December 2021. The 1,035-kilometer railway connects Kunming in China with Vientiane in Laos.

Thanks to streamlined customs clearance procedures, it now takes just nine-and-a-half hours to travel from Kunming to Vientiane by train.

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