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China repairs resource facilities damaged by floods
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China repairs resource facilities damaged by floods

China has managed to restore most water resources management facilities that were damaged last year by floods and will strive to accomplish the restoration work before the end of June, an official with the Ministry of Water Resources said.

Yao Wenguang, director of the ministry's department of flood and drought disaster prevention, said, to date, 95.9 percent of all the total 6,060 damaged water resources management facilities across the country have been repaired.

"The restoration work in the southern part of the country has essentially been completed," he said.

In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, 390 damaged facilities have been restored, representing almost 95 percent of the total damaged ones, he continued.

Last year, the Haihe River Basin, where the region is located, saw the most devastating incident of flooding in the area since 1963.

He vowed a series of measures to ensure that all of the damaged facilities will be restored before the end of June, a time that marks the beginning of major flood seasons across the country.

Contractors of these restoration projects have been asked to report their construction progress on a weekly basis, he said.

The repairing of the damaged facilities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have been listed as prioritized targets in an inspection of the ministry about preparatory work for the coming major flooding season, he added. Shen Yi

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