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China tightens restrictions on controversial cough medicine
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China tightens restrictions on controversial cough medicine

China has recently decided to include dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant tied to overdoses among teenagers for years, into its national catalog of Category II Psychotropic Drugs, a move to further tighten controls over the use and sale of the medication.
The decision was announced in a circular jointly released by the National Medical Products Administration, the Ministry of Public Security and National Health Commission on May 7, and will take effect on July 1.
Dextromethorphan is usually prescribed to relieve coughing caused by the common cold and other upper respiratory infections. It is structurally similar to opioid substance codeine, but was considered nonaddictive and was sold over-the-counter.
However, medical experts have raised concerns over its safety, saying that excessive use may result in feelings of excitement, euphoria and hallucinations.
In December 2021, the National Medical Products Administration, China's top drug regulator, adjusted its status to a prescription drug and deleted a description on the drug information label, which stated that long-term use of the drug does not lead to addiction or tolerance.
Dextromethorphan is also on the list of medications that are banned from being sold online. The list was first released in December 2022.
However, misuse of the medication remains rampant among teenagers who tend to make purchases through social media platforms or group chats. The phenomenon prompted authorities to launch a drive in February 2023 to control manufacturing of the drug and intensify oversight over its use.
Its inclusion into the national catalog of Category II Psychotropic Drugs means that drug sellers must sell the medication in accordance with prescribed dosages and based on prescriptions issued by physicians. Prescriptions should be kept for two years, and the drug is prohibited from being sold to minors, according to the administration.
In addition, a separate storage area or counter should be reserved for storing the medication. A dedicated ledger managed by a designated personnel should be in place to keep records of sales. Yi

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