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China to further ensure farm produce supply amid epidemic
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China to further ensure farm produce supply amid epidemic

China will continue to strengthen the supply of farm produce to cope with the shortage caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak, according to a circular issued by the State Council.

Local authorities should be responsible for strengthening the production, transportation and quality control of vegetables, meat, eggs and milk, grain and other farm produce, said the circular.

Efforts should be made in coordinating large farming entities like cooperatives and large self-employed businesses to solve labor shortage and boost production, it said.

Stressing the need to restore hog production as soon as possible, the circular called for enhanced efforts to prevent animal infectious diseases, including African swine fever and prompt response to new outbreaks.

In the meantime, the country will ensure the smooth transport of farm produce through "green channels" set up for epidemic control supplies. Vehicles shall be prioritized and be exempt from highway charges.

The circular also called for stricter management on live poultry trading markets, who are required to disinfect on time and cooperate with supervision while strengthening supplies of other types of meat.

Production of animal feed, veterinary drugs and other livestock products shall also be restored as soon as possible, the circular said.

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