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China unveils key measures to enhance flood monitoring, forecasting
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China unveils key measures to enhance flood monitoring, forecasting

China's Minister of Water Resources Li Guoying on Jun 4 outlined key measures to enhance the timeliness and accuracy of the country's flood monitoring and forecasting work.

"The top two priorities are improving the performance of modern hydrological sensing and monitoring devices, and developing mathematical models to analyze the recorded data," the minister said at a work conference.

Efforts should focus on establishing a comprehensive flood monitoring and forecasting mechanism that integrates meteorological satellites and radar, precipitation gauging sites, and hydrological stations, Li said.

Li also stressed the urgent need to issue early warnings, formulate contingency plans, and enhance emergency response work.

The ministry has cooperated with the Beijing municipal government to develop a modern system for flood monitoring and forecasting, following the worst flooding in six decades within north China's Haihe River Basin in July 2023.

Affected by factors such as El Nino, China is likely to undergo both floods and droughts from June to August this year. Major rivers across the country are projected to suffer varying degrees of flooding during the period, according to the ministry.

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