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China urges Japan to properly handle historical issues
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China urges Japan to properly handle historical issues

Premier Li Qiang has urged Japan to properly handle the Taiwan question and historical issues, and work with China to build a constructive and stable China-Japan relationship that meets the requirements of the new era.

Li made the remarks during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Seoul ahead of the trilateral summit meeting among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Li said the Taiwan question and historical issues matter to the political foundation of China-Japan relations. It is hoped that the Japanese side will honor its commitment on the Taiwan question and create a sound environment for the development of bilateral ties, he said.

The premier talked about the meeting between President Xi Jinping and Kishida in San Francisco, the United States, in November, during which both sides reaffirmed comprehensively advancing the strategic, mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

Noting that the development of China and Japan is an important opportunity for both countries, Li said that the two nations are closely interconnected economically, a relationship that has brought tangible benefits to the people of both countries.

China will continue to promote friendly exchanges with Japan in various fields and at various levels and facilitate people-to-people exchanges, he said.

Li expressed China's concerns over Japan's release into the ocean of contaminated water from Fukushima's disabled nuclear power plant. He said that Japan should demonstrate its sincerity and a constructive attitude by establishing a long-term international monitoring mechanism, and should earnestly address domestic and international concerns on the issue.

Kishida said a constructive and stable Japan-China relationship is beneficial not only to both countries but also to the world.

Japan is willing to maintain and strengthen the good momentum of cooperation with China and comprehensively promote the strategic, mutually beneficial relationship between Japan and China.

Both sides agreed to enhance dialogue and communication at all levels and to convene a new round of the China-Japan high-level economic dialogue and high-level consultations on cultural and people-to-people exchanges at an appropriate time. Yetao

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