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China votes in favor of resolution calling for immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza
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China votes in favor of resolution calling for immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza

China voted in favor of a resolution adopted by the General Assembly, which called for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza, said spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin on 29th of Oct, at a press conference.

The UN General Assembly adopted at its recent emergency special session a resolution on the Palestinian-Israeli situation tabled by an Arab country, calling for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza, condemns all acts of violence aimed at civilians, and demands that all parties comply with their obligations in regard to the protection of civilians and civilian objects, the spokesperson said.

It reaffirms the importance of finding a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian question on the basis of the two-state solution, he added.

Since the Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated, China has been calling for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians, opening a humanitarian aid corridor and averting a larger-scale humanitarian disaster, Wang said. "We have played an active and constructive role in promoting the comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian question."

Based on the above-stated position, China, as a co-sponsor of the draft resolution tabled by the Arab country, voted in favor of it, he added.

Wang noted that the General Assembly voted overwhelmingly for the resolution, which reflects the international community’s strong call for the fighting to stop and where it stands on the question of war and peace.

China hopes the new UNGA resolution will be fully implemented, so that peace and stability will return and the humanitarian situation on the ground will be eased soon, civilians will be protected, and the Palestinian question will find a comprehensive, just and enduring solution at an early date, Wang concluded.

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