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China's capital strives to develop into performing arts hub
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China's capital strives to develop into performing arts hub

The city of Beijing has planned to launch more than 4,000 cultural events from Jan. 14 to Feb. 5 for the Chinese Lunar New Year, covering performances of intangible cultural heritages, temple fairs, flower displays, art performances and exhibitions.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, some of the activities will be held both online and offline, allowing them to be shared with audiences in countries including Finland, Greece, Canada and Belgium.

Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Jan. 22 this year. The week-long public holiday features Chinese traditions such as family reunions, the writing of Spring Festival couplets and visits to temple fairs.

Beijing, which boasts abundant cultural venues, is expected to provide stages for many cultural events. In addition to theaters with a profound history, such as the Chang'an Grand Theater which dates back to 1937 and the well-known Mei Lanfang Theater, the city also has an increasing number of small theaters popular with younger audiences.

The Chinese capital has set a goal of developing into a hub of performing arts to deliver more impressive works to the public, said Yin Yong, mayor of Beijing, at the annual session of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, which concluded on Thursday.

"Beijing is home to the country's top art troupes, schools and artists. To build Beijing into a 'city of performing arts', we should produce more good cultural works and classic plays," said Batuu, Party chief of Beijing Dance Academy and also a municipal legislator.

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