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China's northernmost high-speed railway starts laying track
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China's northernmost high-speed railway starts laying track

Track laying has begun on the Tieli to Yichun section of China's Harbin-Yichun high-speed railway in Heilongjiang Province, laying a solid foundation for official operation.

The Harbin-Yichun high-speed railway is an extension of the Beijing-Harbin high-speed and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao railway channels, part of China's "Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal" rail network. It is the first high-speed railway in the country constructed as such a high latitude, with the largest annual temperature difference and crossing permafrost regions.

The 318-kilometer-long railway connects Harbin, Suihua and Yichun with a designed speed of 250 kilometers per hour and nine stations including Harbin, Harbin North, Hulan North, Xinglong Township West, Suihua South, etc.

China's self-developed CPG 500 seamless long rail laying machine is adopted to ensure on-schedule construction.

Travel time from Harbin to Yichun will be shortened from 7 hours to 2 hours after the rail line is put into operation, building a "one-hour, two-hour" commute circle with Harbin at its center.

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