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China's theme parks increase in revenue and development last year
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China's theme parks increase in revenue and development last year

The eighty theme parks received a total of 75.74 million visits last year in the Chinese mainland with the revenue totaling 15.36 billion yuan, an increase of 15.29 percent from a year earlier, the news portal The Paper reported.

The news portal cited the latest report from Institute for Theme Studies in China, saying that the Chinese mainland has 82 theme parks that are within the standard of large or extra-large theme park in 2022; and 80 theme parks were included in the research report, an increase of ten from the figure in 2021.

The number of the theme parks in the Chinese mainland is showing an uptrend, and the proportion of domestic brand theme parks accounted for more than a half in 2022, said Lin Huanjie, president of Institute for Theme Studies in China.

The domestic theme park is forming an "industrial chain"; some domestic theme parks such as Fantawild, Happy Valley and Haichang Ocean Park have gradually paid attention to brand expansion and development, as well as gradually formed the connection between various theme parks in China's eastern, central and western regions to improve brand construction, Lin said.

In addition, more newly domestic intellectual properties are appearing in the theme parks, and the shaping of the domestic intellectual properties will raise the upper limit for domestic theme park development, as well as increase the consumer re-visit rate to these theme parks, Lin added. Yetao

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